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Oak framed wedding barn

Rural settings such as farms and estates can make idyllic wedding venues, as well as deliver a range of options for setting up a new income stream. That said, diversification is not without its challenges and there is a fine line to be found to deliver a magical oak framed wedding barn setting.

At Carpenter Oak, we have worked with a range of now well-established venues to help them find the perfect balance, which means finding the ideal timber structural frame for their space.  We understand that it is critical to have a stunning high-end product at the end, but that it must also be commercially viable long the way. Often, the space needs to be flexible to appeal to a wide demographic of people to generate a good income across the seasons for more than just weddings.

Our design team work directly with you and your space to create something that enhances the natural features surrounding the venue. An oak framed wedding barn is extremely flexible in terms of how you can use the space. The frame itself allows for large open plan spaces, but the warmth and texture of the wood make a romantic, intimate feel that is easy to dress and light.

Every project we undertake is unique, including the UK’s most prestigious and challenging timber frame engineering projects. We regularly collaborate with architects and engineers, participating in some of the finest timber framed public, commercial and educational buildings.

Come and visit our workshops in Devon and Scotland to see examples of our work, talk about your project and see the team who craft the frames. Keep an eye on upcoming events for opportunities to meet us in person and visit Carpenter Oak homes.

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