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Modern Oak Staircase

Modern oak staircase from Carpenter Oak

A Carpenter Oak staircase is a unique hand-crafted collaboration of timber framing and high-grade joinery. These stunning centrepieces can become integral to the structure of your building. A stair of this type is a significant statement and can provide a real focal point within your house. As such it requires as much time and care at the design stage as the house’s framework itself.

Create a new impressive feature with a modern oak staircase, paired with an oak frame or glazing it will really finish off the home.

Merging spaces with beautiful natural materials

If you are looking for ideas on how to create new spaces and levels with a carefully crafted and designed modern oak staircase then trust our years of expertise and engage us from the off, we can help with the design, build and fitting.

Imagination is the limit when it comes to what is achievable, whether it be fundamental to the frame, self-supporting and free standing or more conventional – give us a challenge, it’s what we thrive on.

Bringing modern day and historical standing together

Carpenter Oak’s depth of understanding is informed by decades of experience; working on buildings from the early medieval, to the 20th century industrial. We know how to read buildings, working with architects and structural engineers to bring life back to grand staircases.

Making sense of the multitude of legislation concerning planning can seem complicated. We can help highlight any planning changes that may be required. Taking into consideration both Planning Permission and Building Regulations, many of the small scale changes do not need any permission (classed as permitted development) from your local planning department.

Want to see a modern oak staircase? Visit our Show Home

If you like modern materials, take a look at our Show House where we incorporate stainless steel, glass, joinery grade timber and characterful air-dried oak posts.

Contact us if you wish to discuss including a handcrafted staircase in your project.

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