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Limitless options with timber framing

Timber frames are beautiful. Squared timbers, intricate curves, the roof, purlins, wind braces and rafters can all be features of the design. Expose less of the structure for a different effect, highlighting perhaps just the trusses, and letting the interior spaces speak for themselves.

Modern timber engineering techniques allow seamless integration of steel and glazing within a timber frame to create a completely different feel. From the interior to the exterior, we can design a palette of materials that work effectively with a timber frame.

We can provide Standard Detailing on any project, to ensure seamless integration of your chosen materials and design into the build process. These can form part of a construction drawing set or be made available to assist the project architect.

Translating design through materials; bringing the whole concept to life.

Framing Timbers

We work with the big three quality construction timbers readily available in the UK – oak, Douglas fir and larch. We source from PEFC and FSC certified suppliers meaning you can be sure that the forestry methods are responsible and the stocks sustainable. We also work in Glulaminated beams which are available in many different timbers. Lesser softwoods can be used internally for sarking boards, and we commonly use Western Red Cedar as exterior cladding.

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Douglas fir



Larch and Cedar


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Materials and Techniques

Timber frame techniques and materials

When clients walk into an oak framed space, they often walk over to the large oak beams and touch them, run their hand over them, and talk about how it makes them feel. The first thing that many people comment on when they walk into the workshops is the smell of the fresh oak.

Whatever structure you are creating we understand that you are concerned with the overall feel of the finished space, along with the interaction of the design, space and light, the choice of materials and timber frame techniques is vital.

We have extensive experience in many different construction techniques, work with a variety of timbers, regularly combine them with steel and glass, providing options on details and finishes.

Whatever inspires you, and whatever you are looking for, we can help.

This section will help you to get familiar with the materials we work with and their characteristics, cover some of the considerations which could help you plan your build and hopefully provide some inspiration!

Don’t forget that timber frames can combine with any exterior materials you choose, meaning the external appearance can blend entirely with your local building styles.


We’d love to talk through your project and ideas – contact us.


Read about timber frame architecture

The New Face Of Timber Frame Architecture

The renaissance of oak framing over the last 30 years, its incorporation into modern timber frame architecture, and the rapidly expanding self-build movement has been a fascinating chapter within our building industry and is still going strong. It has seen the relearning of traditional carpentry methods and the innovation of new techniques to enable frames to meet modern standards. There has been rapid progress, and we have seen materials and techniques from other areas of industry and construction work their way into the mix. As adventurous people push the boundaries of timber framing, we are keen to explore what is possible.

Nowadays we find ourselves with an array of materials, styles, and techniques from which to draw, many of the progressive architectural house designs cannot only be classed as ‘traditional’ or ‘modern’, but instead subtly combine, contrast and layer many different elements to create exciting fresh styles. With modern engineering providing constant support to timber frame architecture, the results can be stunning.

If you’re looking for something truly innovative, we welcome the opportunity to join you on your journey, contact us to discuss your plans.

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