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Making complex or expansive timber framed spaces possible, steel can work as a subtle part of the construction, or a feature in its own right.

Our carpenters are experienced in combining timber and engineering, and in working with specialists to ensure quality and compliance in all our structures.

Steel can simplify structures by supporting clear and impressive roof spaces and arches. At the detail level, bolts, fixings and joints can be sleekly integrated, or used as character features. Steel provides additional strength, so is often partnered with timber in large or complex structures.

Being versed in the potential of timber engineering, our team can offer a wide range of structural solutions, design detailing and specifications that could not be achieved with wood alone. We ensure quality and compliance in all our structures.

Just like our wood, we only use quality steel materials. Our specialist suppliers also produce high specification fittings for yachts that are out in the elements all year round. In a building, these steel elements last a lifetime and beyond.


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Create A Modern Wood House Coupled With Steel

For some, the combination of timber and steel is irresistible. With apparent ease, tie rods and bowstrings can make the spanning of huge spaces achievable. The slender, sleek lines bring a crisp modern look to a space without the mass of large section timbers.

Timbers can also be jointed using steelwork in a variety of ways. Bolts and flitch plates can be used to end-join or sandwich timbers together. The fixings can be left surface mounted to give an industrial look or highly polished and recessed flush into the timber to provide a sleek finish. Combine steel with curved timbers to give barrel roofs or curving walls, and you can create extraordinary spaces. The introduction of steelwork into a frame instantly opens up the options as to what is possible. There is any number of different approaches possible with this construction method.

We welcome the chance to use new techniques, we are proud of our skilled carpenters – these guys are well versed and skilled in the incorporation of steelwork into frames. We have a broad portfolio of amazingly innovative and unconventional frames which have utilised steelwork and timber to achieve some of the most stunning effects we have seen.

We have a close working relationship with Hercules, a local steel engineering company who predominantly work in the marine trade manufacturing high spec fittings for yachts. They are highly skilled and can produce a choice of high level of finishes. We use only top grade materials, and all steelwork solutions are engineered to ensure they are suitable and will last a lifetime.

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