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Encapsulation Panels

Encapsulation panel systems are an increasingly popular method of insulating oak framed houses and buildings.  Energy efficient and quick to build with they can help take your project to the wind and watertight stage of your self build mortgage.


To ensure air tightness, a stable internal temperature, and superior energy efficiency, many timber framed houses integrate a bespoke building wrap using Structural Insulated Panels or SIPs. These are wooden panels with a core of insulating material.

SIPs are made to measure, so can be used to create perfectly fitting floors, walls and roofs within the strength of an Oak frame. A range of insulation options are available. Synthetic insulation delivers good U-values and thin panels. A range of natural options, such as Warmcel (cellulose) or wood fibre, are increasingly competitive in terms of U-values and cost.

We use computer-aided design (CAD) to support the frame design process. This allows the frame designer, architect and SIP manufacturer to work together to ensure an exceptional fit. SIPs, their role in your project, and the choice of insulating material can be discussed during the concept stage. The exact specification can be adjusted as the design evolves.


LVL or CLT can form the internal element of an integrated insulation panel for wrap around building protection. Engineered from thin layers of wood, they provide an innovative approach to interior panelling for almost any house design.

Carpenter Oak’s unique specialisms within the commercial and residential sector are opening up new applications for LVL and CLT to enhance timber framed buildings. The use of LVL and CLT can enable a truly connected approach to timber-led design. This includes simplifying frame structures, and potentially lowering costs or build time through pre-installation.

These materials work exceptionally well in providing lateral support within timber frame buildings, as well as a beautiful finish – an effective and environmentally conscious alternative to plaster boarding.

LVL and CLT materials and their application have been more heavily developed across the channel. Our European cousins have found the potential to support a whole range of designs.

The use of LVL and CLT are swiftly becoming established building materials.

Read more about encapsulation systems in our expertise section.

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