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oak framed swimming pool buildings

Looking for help with an oak framed swimming pool building? Carpenter Oak have designed and built many across the UK and even one in Russia. Oak frames and swimming pools are the perfect companions. The humidity of a pool gives ideal conditions for slow and steady seasoning of an oak frame.

Many of our clients with an existing pool in their garden have managed to incorporate extending or remodelling their home to create an oak framed structure over their pool that creates a spectacular space and also means they use their pool much more often!

Our 30 years of experience means we are skilled in considering how glazing can best add to the atmosphere and performance of timber frame structures. We supply joinery for a range of fittings and fixtures which integrate glazing seamlessly into timber design.

We produce beautiful bespoke timber frame designs that enable timber structural skeletons – simple or complex – to provide a secure and visually satisfying foundation for an amazing array of buildings.

We can input frame design services at various project stages, directly working with an established team, architect or project manager. The design potential of an oak framed swimming pool building is limitless, and there are a myriad options for adding style and sophistication. Our specialist knowledge, experience and skills ensure your project is beautifully conceived and constructed.

Our clients say the benefits of investing in an oak framed swimming pool building give you the wow factor when you walk into the room, but also the freedom of use of the pool, leading to an increased quality of living.

Come and visit our workshops in Devon and Scotland to see examples of our work, talk about your project and see the team who craft the frames. Keep an eye on upcoming events for opportunities to meet us in person and visit Carpenter Oak homes.

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