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Oak Framed Barns

Oak framed Barn style buildings offer flexibility to suit everyone’s tastes. Whether a barn conversion or barn style new build, each allows for individual design and a finish. A timber frame can be of any size with window positioning, cladding and roofing materials chosen and designed for the owner’s needs. From the traditional barn style oak frame of Seagull House and Lamper Head to the modern, crisp lines of Hart House and everything in between, Carpenter Oak have designed and created barn style living for over 30 years.

Due to the longevity of hardwood timbers, many of the most impressive medieval timber frames remain standing and are much admired by all who come across them. Large numbers of these agricultural barns are being converted into domestic dwellings.

Often these barns are very old and need repair before they can be deemed structurally sound enough to live in, this has led to a number of carpenters needing to repair or restore the oak framed barn. Replacing timbers and repairing joints is often necessary, particularly in the case of historically important listed buildings.

New build oak timber framing is ever more popular with clients and architects alike. Carpenter Oak has a means of glazing green oak frames while keeping buildings air and water tight to comply with ever more stringent requirements for energy efficient homes.

Materials such as glass and stainless steel compliment oak in a way that our medieval predecessors would not have dreamt of. Modern, airy open spaces are feasible due to architects, craftsmen and engineers working together.

With a combination of materials both ancient and modern, understanding structures by the study of buildings still standing after hundreds of years, and computer modelling of engineered structures, we can produce beautiful and robust structures to suit any brief.

Come and visit our workshops in Devon and Scotland to see examples of our work, talk about your project and see the team who craft the frames. Keep an eye on upcoming events for opportunities to meet us in person and visit Carpenter Oak homes.

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