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Oak Windows, Oak Frame Doors & Glazing

Oak Windows & Oak frame glazing

Timber framed buildings are energy efficient and comfortable places to live and work. Add thoughtful glazing design, and you can create truly impressive and light spaces with stunning views.

Our 30 years of experience means we are skilled in considering how glazing can best add to the atmosphere and performance of timber frame structures. We supply joinery for a range of fittings and fixtures which integrate glazing seamlessly into timber design.

A whole range of standard oak window frames are available in double and triple glazing. Bespoke windows, panels and doors can also be included, depending on design and budget. We can also advise on solutions for managing solar gain or glare.

Often referred to by our customers as one of the most impressive features of an oak frame, glazing allows the ability to have ‘frameless’ windows. Thereby increasing the size and aperture of the window, maximising the view. Extensive glazing provides an element of the outdoors inside, creating giant picture frames for your surroundings.

These windows can be full height, located on a dwarf wall, or shaped into gables, resulting in beautifully light, bright and airy spaces.

  • National coverage.
  • Triple glazed option.
  • Architect approved.
  • Meets building regulations.
  • We are suppliers of oak and other hardwood joinery including Rationel joinery units.

Things To Consider

Things to consider when choosing the most economical route to glazing an oak frame:-

A standard double glazed unit consists of 2x 4mm panes of glass either side of a spacer which is usually 16mm. This spec of a double glazed unit is ‘comfortable’ in sheltered locations, up to a pane width of 1.2m (max) by 2.4mm high.

To achieve larger spans thicker  6mm/8mm or 10mm glass is needed. The larger and thicker the glass, then the heavier the unit and in turn the installation and overall cost increases substantially. The typical method of glazing the oak frame varies to accommodate the extra weight.

You can have too much glass. Be wary of solar gain – a significant benefit on a sunny winters day but uncomfortable on a hot summer’s evening. Solar glare on a tablet or television screen can very annoying on particularly bright days. Be mindful of the orientation and how you are going to ventilate the space, especially if your glazing is south facing. Your architect, and the design team at Carpenter Oak, can advise you to help you get the right amount of glass in the space.


A standard double glazed unit using 4mm glass, Argon gas-filled cavity achieves a U value in the region of 1.2. If a sun cool style filter or film is applied to the glass this marginally improves the U value to 1.1.

A Triple glazed unit increases in cost and weight but does see a marked improvement in the U value to circa 0.7. To give you some perspective a SIPs panelled wall achieves in the region of 0.15 U value.

In context, if you live in an older house, a modern oak frame house is more efficient and comfortable, regularly surpassing current building regulations.

Peace of mind

Have you heard some horror stories about glazing of oak window frames? Rest assured, for 30 years we’ve developed strong professional partnerships with glazing companies. We helped to develop an architect, and building regulation approved glazing system, which we’ve used in our frames repeatedly without complication.

It is a good idea to have an understanding of the challenges surrounding glazing timber. Green oak, as with any timber, moves and adjusts to the environment it is within. Green oak shrinks, twists, and splits, but our skilled carpenters have many years of experience to understand this process, ensuring the glazing is successful and dramatic.

Contact us to discuss your plans, and we can give you a more accurate idea of requirements and costs.

Oak Windows and Doors

Whether you are looking for oak doors for your oak frame or a contrasting design or colour to compliment the oak frame. Carpenter Oak supply doors and windows through our established partners.  Our Showbarn and Orchard house are both fitted with Rationel joinery products – their Domus and Aldus range are available in the double and triple glazed specification.

There are many options for doors and windows on the market that offer a solution to your design needs and budget constraints. It is worth remembering that window and door manufacturing lead times can be considerable and need to be thought about early in the build process to avoid delays. Contact us for advice on timings.

If you want to have matching oak windows and doors, we can point you in the direction of several manufacturers who are willing to create to your requirements.

The motivation for wanting oak joinery is usually to match the existing windows on the house (if it is an extension) or to match the oak frame. Where you have oak cover board fixed glazing, alongside joinery on the exterior of an oak frame building, you usually end up with a contrasting colour as the timber cover board silver with time.   A UV stabiliser can prevent this but creates a cycle of maintenance for the future to maintain this look. Our theory is to exploit the natural contrast and opt for a different coloured joinery unit this to give a complimentary look.

Contact us to discuss your project and specifications

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