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Encapsulation Systems

Timber Frame Encapsulation Systems

An effective wrap is vital for the performance of the building, and ensures that it feels comfortable through the seasons. Being wind and watertight can be critical to financing a self build project, and can play an important role in managing energy use for the building ongoing.

Carpenter Oak work with several types of insulating panels which use a range of materials to suit different building specifications and budget. These can be preinstalled off-site to a bespoke design, saving build time on site and ensuring a perfect fit. U-values for panels vary based on their construction. We work with Warmcell to provide a natural fibre panel but also work directly with a range of synthetic materials also.

Carpenter Oak have extensive experience in integrating panels and timber frame design. This means that we utilise the quality and strength of both for complete building integrity. With 30 years of bespoke projects under our belt we can work with complex project design, and support self-builders to reach stage 4 of a self-build mortgage where needed.

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Structural Insulated Panels

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are formed of an insulating foam core sandwiched between two layers of board, typically OSB (orientated strand board). We use these panels for walls, floors and roofs. They are manufactured under factory controlled conditions and can be fabricated to fit nearly all building designs.

Carpenter Oak Ltd have developed strong professional partnerships over the years with SIPs companies and can recommend a company to you to get the best quality and value for money – contact us for more information.

The main advantages include speed of build and better thermal and air leakage performance.

When used in conjunction with a frame, steel beams and glu-laminated beams are no longer required as the oak frame can support floors and roof panels.

With a pre-manufactured oak frame and pre-manufactured SIPs panels, a build can be made watertight in a matter of 5-6 weeks reducing labour costs and time lost to bad weather.

“With correct installation, the result is strong, energy efficient and cost-effective.”

Paul Kirkup
Frame Design Director

Panels can have polyurethane or polystyrene cores, or panel systems are available with greener insulating materials such as shredded cellulose (Warmcell) or wool bats. The former have better insulating properties (lower U value) therefore make thinner panels, typically 142mm. The latter, less insulating materials may need to be 200 or 225mm thick to achieve the same U value.

Bearing in mind that the U value required for new building is due to increase to a higher standard, panels and therefore wall thicknesses will need to become thicker to comply with new regulations.

We have worked successfully with many SIPs panel manufacturers. The coordination between the frame and panels has to be exact; this is performed using CAD software. We make a model on the computer and send it to the SIPs manufacturer who then clads the frame with the panels. They then send their drawings to your architect to be checked over.

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