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One plot, two modern wood frame houses

Location: Northamptonshire

Features: Timber engineering, structurally insulated panel (SIPs).

Requirements: Two family homes on a single plot. Mixed level living. Energy efficient.

Awards: Best Oak Frame Home, Build It Awards 2015.

Two unique and complementary properties constructed on a single plot

Innovative energy efficient homes which combine the oak frame with Structural Insulated Panels to provide structural integrity.

With a clear objective from the start, David and Jennifer purchased a two-acre plot. Large enough to accommodate two family homes with substantial screening between the properties. Plans were drawn up simultaneously to aid what became a complex, two year planning process.

Carpenter Oak’s Orchard House became a significant source of inspiration for the timber framed homes. Sam Williams (Roderick James Architects) developed the Spillane’s ideas into a set of drawings, elevations and floor plans and extended it from a 1.5 to a 2 storey house.

For this project, Carpenter Oak worked closely with a local company, Hercules, to fabricate the unusual steel work.

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