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Our Process

Our experience allows us to take a flexible approach to each client’s unique project.

Our 30 years of timber framing experience, every step of the way.

We follow a five-stage process to take each project from your first aspirations to walking through the front door. We manage a full team of architects, engineers and contractors or provide the right specialist knowledge, skills or materials where needed.


Brief Creation

Capturing ideas and desires, understanding the role of a timber frame within a project.

We begin by listening, whether starting from scratch or working with existing plans. Listening helps us understand those important first ideas and the overall vision. We may suggest a visit to our yards in Devon or Scotland where you can see examples of our work, talk about your project and see the team who craft the frames. Or, if there is land already in place, we can arrange a site visit.

Following this initial exploration, we capture the information in a brief and present the likely work required for each subsequent stage. At this point, we typically provide a quote for our input into the following phases.


Design Stages

Preparing designs, incorporating these into architectural plans, to the next level of detail.

The design is an enjoyable part of the adventure. We take the vision and thinking captured in the initial brief and start designing. Carpenter Oak can provide full architectural services, collaborate with existing architects or add specific frame design expertise as needed.

The first concept designs are a ‘conversation starter.’ A frank discussion of these ideas provides direction for the frame design. The designs evolve, using this feedback.

We organise or collaborate with an existing design team to take the concept to a more detailed, technical level.


Technical Drawings

Ensuring that every aspect of the frame design is integrated fully into the project as a whole.

Further design development takes place to capture technical detail.
The design could include timber engineering solutions, or details of integrated insulation panels, glazing or landscaping. Each project is different and varies depending on the overall vision, regulations or restrictions, or if there are existing buildings in place.

The result of this stage of the process is likely to be planning permission, and a detailed set of drawings for construction, that meets building regulations.



The building physically takes shape.

Plans become a reality. Once groundworks are complete, the structure of the building is erected, and your home finally begins to take shape, allowing the first opportunity to experience the new space and full potential of the initial design.

On raising the Carpenter Oak frame, we celebrate with a ‘topping out ceremony’ – the new building owner drives home the last peg, and a sprig of oak is attached to the top of the frame.

When leading an entire project, we attend regular site meetings, including the client if required.


Move In

Finally, your home is ready to be occupied.

If leading the project, we run through the workings of your new home. Before the handover, the focus is on making sure that everything works as it should. For added assurance, as the client settles in, Carpenter Oak is available to deal with fixes and tweaks.


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