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Roof Boarding

roof boarding

Our roof boarding service is designed to complement our timber framing service. The boarding, whose finish harmonises with the timber frame, has the bonus of providing a water-proof ‘hat’ to the build as soon as the frame is erected, enabling the drying process to begin and work to progress outside of the temperament of the weather. It takes approximately 6 weeks from the date of an order for the boards to arrive – we require extra time if you’d prefer them painted.


We supply a choice of white or redwood, depending on your preference. The timbers are sawn on one face using a fine-toothed band-saw to give a fine architectural finish that reflects the surface texture of the frame. Striking a good balance between the quality of the finish and cost of the materials.

Fire Protection

After cutting the timber needs to be fire treated (unlike the Oak frame) to pass building regulations. We subject the sawn boards to Dricon Euroclass B KD treatment to inhibit the spread of flame. They are then kiln-dried to remove most of the moisture to reduce subsequent shrinkage in the boards. It may surprise you to know that the main timber frame structure doesn’t require fireproofing – it is sufficiently fireproof on its own.

Painting and shrinkage

The next step in the process is to paint one side and two edges of the boards in a dust-free workshop with a base coat to prime the surface and block the pores, followed by top coat in a colour of your choice. We recommend pre-painting the boards to minimise the redecoration once the green oak rafters have completed their shrinking (care by the sandblaster is needed to avoid damaging the painted boards).

Roof boarding Installation

The boards are then installed onto the frame after erection by our craftsman. They are butted up tight which usually results in an average gap between boards of 3–6 mm producing an appearance with an added texture which blends in with the feel of the frame. The damp proof membrane is then applied over the boards using 1,000 gauge black polythene secured in place by the first layer of insulation battens (75 x 50) also supplied by us (if you are following the Carpenter Oak Ltd standard details). We recommend black polythene as it enhances the ‘shadow’ gap between the boards.

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