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Radley College Chapel

Complex octagonal roof structure

Client: Radley College

Location: Oxfordshire

Completed: 2020

Architect: Purcell

Materials: oak, 16mm steel ties

Main Contractor: EW Beard

Increasing Chapel capacity at Radley College in Oxfordshire

We’ve been involved in some complex and challenging projects since 1987, particularly in the commercial sector.  Despite the dispruption that Covid-19 brought to much of our production in 2020, Radley College was made and assembled in full at our Devon yard, then taken to site in Oxfordshire and raised at height – one of the most memorable and eye-catching structures we’ve ever made, all done during an incredibly challenging time for our business and the rest of the country.

It’s projects like Radley that we relish, solving an intricate design with geometry and craftsmanship.  Working closely with Purcell Architects and Beard Construction, the finished structure is testamant to the collaboration and expertise needed to take a structure from drawing to site.

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