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Heritage oak buildings

As pioneers of structural timber for sympathetic restoration across the UK, for over 30 years we have continued to develop innovative techniques to lead the way in the restoration of heritage oak buildings. Evolving barns, listed buildings and even a site of Nissan huts originating from a Second World War USAF airbase in East Anglia. The heritage of these buildings and the land upon which they stand is as important as our own heritage.

Immersed in the creative spaces that form our workshops and framing yards around the country, our teams have built oak framed homes, schools, chapels, offices, museums, theatres… They capture dreams in designs, and bring these heritage oak buildings back to life in the form of stunning timber crafted spaces.

Each project we have undertaken over the last three decades has been a showcase of great design and skill. We relish the adventure of bringing alive exceptional design every time – from the smallest frame to the most passionate renovation or restoration of a heritage building wooden frame.

Timber framing continues to gain popularity as attractive build options. A marriage of design, exquisite materials and skilled carpentry mean that there is no need to compromise in terms of energy efficiency, comfort or style.

Bring your vision to the table and we will place the tools of today, underpinned by thousands of years of history, at your service.

A piece of history in every building

From earliest times, humans have used timber to create shelter. The Romans first developed what we know today as timber framing. It has changed and adapted in the millennia since. Thanks to the durability of hardwoods, many timber framed buildings have stood the test of time.

The advent of oak barn conversions, home design on TV, and artisan craft have refreshed our national appetite for what wood can do. Oak framing, timber engineering and integrated glazing are now firmly in the repertoire of the modern architect. This has also enabled a new generation of self-builders to follow their dreams.

30 years of creativity and innovation, always forward facing and sector-leading

We have been dedicated to delivering visionary heritage oak buildings since 1987. As pioneers of exceptional timber engineering, you can find the work of Carpenter Oak in buildings across the UK and overseas.

The original team of owners championed design and craft across timber construction. In 2016, they reunited after a period of independent development, and continue to put professional creativity at the heart of this vibrant company.

With a uniquely skilled team unmatched in the sector, Carpenter Oak started the journey to employee-ownership in 2017. This means that employees have an increasing role in how the company is developed in the future.

Come and visit our workshops in Devon and Scotland to see examples of our work, talk about your project and see the team who craft the frames. Keep an eye on upcoming events for opportunities to meet us in person and visit Carpenter Oak homes.

Contact us to discuss your project.

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