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Fallow Buck

A listed building links old oak to new

Location: London

Completed: 2017

Features: Oak frame extension, kitchen and dining areas, family room, utility room and second-floor bedroom with en suite.

Requirements: Modern frame, to sit snugly but not rely structurally on existing heritage building frame, process managed by client.

Frame design and construction: Carpenter Oak

A hands-on client to bring the vision forward

A much-needed renovation of a historic public house provided the opportunity to complement 17th century oak with a modern timber framed extension. The new Carpenter Oak frame honours the history of the original building and provides a beautiful, light-filled living space.

Homeowner Nicholas, acted as project manager throughout the project. With the frame the most significant element, Nicolas wanted to ensure that the engineering principles and design were absolutely appropriate for this special home. He was a regular visitor to site, and a daily presence during critical moments.

Nicholas brought a huge amount of vision and clarity to the project. He produced several iterations of plans to bring together build and style as he wanted it. Thanks to his management and site preparation, it took only four and a half days to raise the frame.

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