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Carpenter Oak Show Barn

A purpose-built barn which showcased timber frame design

Location: Devon

Completed: 2010

Features: Based on a standard three bay barn for simplicity and planning requirements, it features one bay as an occasional mezzanine space. There is a central sling brace frame between the vaulted area of the other two bays.

Requirements: A straightforward example of a crafted timber frame as a complete build alongside our work-in-progress workshop.

Frame Designer: Paul Kirkup

Cost: £140,000 - £160,000

The Carpenter Oak Show Barn in Devon

The show barn was purpose-built to showcase our expertise in timber frame design and craftmanship, and to help visiting clients get a feel for oak frame living.

Incorporating thousands of ideas to find the perfect one for you

Examples of several different trusses were on display in the show barn as well as other features to create a beautiful living space. We included an elegant kitchen and an oak ladder to a mezzanine to show how practical and striking this form of design is.

Due to our yard relocation to Buckfast leigh, we can no longer organise visits to our show barn but please get in contact and we can arrange a viewing of another local carpenter oak project.

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