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Nancarrow wedding barn

The perfect oak framed wedding venue

Location: Cornwall

Completed: 2015

Features: Medieval barn-style, custom lighting, featured steel work.

Requirements: The perfect wedding venue!

Architectural Designer: Matt Robinson

A vision, transformed from design to frame

A beautiful place for couples to get married, the medieval tithe barn design enables everyone to enjoy the special day in a truly stunning space. The attention to detail in the design means that wherever you are, as bride, groom or guest, there is a wonderful setting and backdrop.

Reflecting on his and his wife’s experiences of getting married, our client Steve Chamberlain decided to create an oak framed venue with all the benefits of a marquee wedding space. Set in the idyllic Cornish countryside, the bespoke design of the new barn complements the existing surrounding buildings beautifully.

The result of a collaborative approach to design, Nancarrow is a very special place for couples to share their most memorable moments with their family and friends. The frame design was undertaken by Carpenter Oak with architecture from Matt Robinson. Care has been taken to ensure that wherever people are in the space, the backdrop is stunning.

Internally, the details in the design create the perfect feel for a wedding. The lighting is soft, from hanging glass demijohns. The purlins are hollowed to conceal the up lighting, keeping the wiring hidden and tidy. The natural beauty outside is showcased through a glazed frontage, so guests can enjoy the sunset over the lovely millpond.

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