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Chiddingstone Orangery

A timber frame gridshell for a historic orangery

Completed: 2007

Arhitect: Peter Hulbert Chartered Architect

Location: Chiddingstone Castle, Kent

Awards: Wood Award Best Use of Timber Frame 2007

One of our most challenging projects, this timber frame gridshell is the world’s first gridshell to support a frameless glass roof and is a Wood Awards winner.

With an existing Grade I listed structure of questionable structural integrity it was necessary to find a solution that limited the loads transferred to it at the same time as supporting the UK’s first frameless glazed gridshell roof. Gridshells using green timber are prone to movement from the effects of differing slopes of grain in the lath, and varying lengths between finger jointing. For this reason, most gridshells are allowed to ‘find their own form’ prior to covering. In this case, the demands of the glazing system made only exacting tolerances and predictable movements acceptable.

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