Posted on: 4th May 2020

The team at Carpenter Oak are a sociable bunch.  Our enjoyment of human interaction and relationships within the company extends beyond the annual obligatory Christmas Party.

From downing tools every Friday for 4.30 Beer o’clock, to summer company camping trips, meeting other timber framers, and enjoying daily breakfast and lunch in communal areas, being social isn’t ‘encouraged by Management’ – it’s just in our nature.

Despite these instincts, during this new age of Social Distancing, the Carpenter Oak team is now spread far and wide, working from home and doing all we can to keep the family going.

And as we and everyone else in the country yearns for the moment – whenever it may be – that we can return to our natural state and to some of our favourite places, our thoughts have tuned back to some of our projects that have been designed with social gatherings as their core purpose.

Nancarrow Farm – for several generations, run by the same family, a simple Cornish farm in a beautiful valley, now also running as a venue for weddings and other events, including sumptuous feasts made from the farm’s organic produce.


Other wedding venues like The Oak Tree of Peover, Syrencot and Sandburn Hall – all celebrate bringing people together as well as the timeless quality of oak.

Then there are the venues that provide the simple joy of a pint of beer or a glass of wine, like Rick Stein’s Cornish Arms or the Church House Inn in Devon.

We will continue to keep socially distant for as long as it takes, driven by the goal that we can all one day return to doing what comes naturally to us.