Posted on: 24th April 2020

Here at Carpenter Oak, we always look to push the boundaries of what’s possible in timber, whilst being deeply rooted in ancient timber framing techniques.

When it comes to our office team, we also believe in traditional methods – meeting people face to face, coming to see clients on site, discussing ideas with architects and engineers around a table.  Whilst this may not be possible at the moment, we have systems in place that allow us to maintain that personal touch as closely as we can.

We currently have a core team working from home, including frame designers, project consultants and architectural services.  Meetings that would have happened in our Devon Show Barn now take place virtually from home offices around the country.

This extends to client meetings too – whilst there’s nothing that can match seeing the carpenters in action and a finished oak framed space, we are able to hold meetings with clients over their preferred medium (as well as a good old phone conversation of course).

If you’d mentioned ‘FaceTime, Zoom and Skype’ in a sentence to us even ten years ago, we would have been worried for your wellbeing, but we’re embracing technology to bring us all closer together and to ensure that we can get a full understanding of your project.

To set up a meeting, email or call 01803 732 900 – we’d love to hear from you.