Posted on: 27th September 2014

Jodie Kitto has embarked on her own self build timber frame journey, here she takes you through her planning and build experiences…

August 2014 – The Chase

Needing to get on with things now; Adam Milton and team are keen to get going having seen the farm and cottage for themselves. Very persistently ringing me and Andrew to pin down dates and get things moving. Adam, explaining how busy Carpenter Oak is, needs me to make a decision whether to take the slot available in November or next spring! So, this November it is then!

So I need to get the conditions for planning in, will it be ready in time??!

More things that I’ve never encountered but finally get the conditions in for mid September. Slightly nervous at this point as the building cannot be taken down until the conditions have been granted so I have full planning consent.

A few weeks go by and only an acknowledgement…uh oh. So, ringing my planning officer constantly, explaining why there is a rush which I am sure he must get all the time! There is a massive build up apparently but if the cottage doesn’t get taken down in time then the foundations cannot go down etc etc.

September 2014

One weekend of work down on the farm on the Gardeners cottage and most of the insides of the cottage has been ripped out and the roof tiles removed to preserve for the shed opposite the cottage.

Having never demolished a building before I did not know what to expect. Lath and plaster is now the bane of Kevin’s life and mine. Within an hour of taking down the roof and some wall we had changed colour! My bra started off as white and was soon brown!!! Anyway, whilst my dad and Andrew tried to sort out the sewer need for the mobile home I bought Kevin and I managed to do majority of internal work.


Carpenter Oak will be following Jodie’s self build timber frame journey, check back for updates! Or why not get in touch to talk about your plans? We’re happy to talk through you ideas at any stage – in fact the sooner your timber framer is included in your discussions, the smoother the rest of the process.

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