Posted on: 27th May 2014

Jodie Kitto has just embarked on her own self build timber frame journey, here she takes you through her planning and build experiences…

April 2014 – Show Home Visit

Andrew, having worked with Carpenter Oak on a previous build on the river Dart wanted to show me what is possible at the show home. Beautiful oak frame inside a smart, airtight and elegant build. Why would you not want to use oak?

I have chosen to use SIPs panels to insulate the house. Super energy efficient and quick to build with so should reduce build time massively.

Many people have asked me why I want to spend the extra money and I think when they see the finished product they will understand! A timber frame building generally has all the timber covered and, I feel, lacks that feeling of quality and luxury. I wanted a house that feels homely, cosy, clean and luxurious. Something that even with empty rooms, you would want to live there!!
SIPS Panel Model Cross Section

May 2014 – Keep focused…

It’s the 6th… onto planning with conditions!!

So first hurdle is over with and now the conditions. More of the unknown for me but you can only learn hey!

Summer is now taking its toll and I have to work as Dartmouth is super busy from July trough to the end of August. Trying to focus on work sometimes is hard when I get so excited! I have had to have help in my Sports injury clinic to take the weight off me and to free me up to work on the project once things get moving.

Carpenter Oak will be following Jodie’s self build timber frame journey, check back for updates! Or why not get in touch to talk about your plans? We’re happy to talk through you ideas at any stage – in fact the sooner your timber framer is included in your discussions, the smoother the rest of the process.

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