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Woodend, Oak frame family home

Family home situated on the shores of Loch Lintrathen

Location: Lintrathen, Scotland

Completed: 2010

Features: Vaulted kitchen and living room, with a linking bridge

Architect: Bell Design


The vaulted ceiling and glazed gable end bring in unfiltered views of the picturesque Loch and the surrounding Woodland.

Peter and Sandra set upon a project to build Woodend in 2009, and who else would they choose to call to build the oak frame but the highly regarded oak framers with a yard across the road!

Peter and Sandra’s project, Woodend, was project managed by the couple throughout the build, through what can only be described as a typically wet Scottish winter. The frame was raised in November 2009, with the project completed in the Autumn of 2010. This is one of the shortest distances Carpenter Oak have ever had to travel to raise a frame for a client. The oak frame was wheeled across the road from the workshop by trolley and forklift, before being erected by crane over three days.

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