Posted on: 7th December 2017


Employee ownership means the continuing success of Carpenter Oak is now shared with all employees.  It is this journey of understanding, learning and developing suitable governance structures that allow us to disperse responsibility and involve all in decision making.

Our shared success and responsibility leads us into a positive business structure.  We influence our own destiny, choose our direction and lead our growth.  Cultivate new opportunities, encourage entrepreneurship and look towards the future.  Continue to produce innovative and award winning structures.

Employee ownership has allowed us to form our own unique structure.  Listening, including and rewarding each individual and working as a community to achieve agreed goals.  In return for this complexity the business is rewarded with engaged, hard-working, committed employees focused on sustainability.

Charley Brentnall, co founder and director, said: “I believe we have a responsibility to involve our people in the business, for it to be their business. People’s energy creates the success of the company, it is only right that they share that success”

Our journey into employee ownership has seen us develop into a company that has in excess of 70 employees, based over four geographical locations.  As part of this journey and merger with Carpenter Oak & Woodland, we’re delighted to offer a huge range of services including timber engineering, commercial framing, residential framing and local turnkey.  Community housing and U.K turnkey projects are also on the horizon.

We’re excited about our Employee Ownership journey and look forward to updating you with what’s next for us.

If you want to embark upon your own journey into Employee Ownership, take a look at the Employee Ownership Association.

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