Posted on: 8th December 2017

June 2017 saw a big change for the Carpenter Oak Group; a change that is both an exciting and positive journey for the company; a change that represents our values, ethics and has our employees at the heart of our business. The change is our movement to becoming an Employee Owned business.

Being an Employee Owned business will allow the company to stay independent and carry on its legacy and will have the interests of the employees and business ethics at heart. It’s an opportunity for new and long-standing, loyal employees to take the business forward and get out of it what they put in.  

Co founders Adam, Paul and Charley wanted to give employees an opportunity that they were fortunate to have themselves over 20 years ago, when they were thankful to start a venture and grow a business.

Adam Milton said: “I would like to see our employees push the business forward.  We have a youthful workforce capable of growing the business.  With shared business values, I hope that we will retain core people.  Employees have the chance of a job for life that rewards them with not just money but also ownership.”

Charley Brentnall then went on to say: “I believe we have a responsibility to involve people in the business, for it to be their business.  People’s energy creates the success of the company, it is only right that they share that success”

The journey into Employee Ownership couldn’t have come at a better time for the company. Following the merger with Carpenter Oak and Woodland it feels like the natural next step and sees Carpenter Oak moving forwards into a new a positive light. This December sees us celebrating 30 years of timber framing and an improved offering, of timber engineering, commercial framing, residential framing and local turnkey.  Community housing and UK turnkey projects are also on the horizon.

In November, seven members of the Carpenter Oak team were fortunate enough to spend two days attending the Employee Owners Association Conference 2017 at the Hilton, Birmingham Metropole NEC.  Surrounded by businesses who are Employee Owned, and others looking to become Employee Owned, they were immersed in everything good and meaningful that Employee Ownership has to share.

Employee Owned companies work hard to communicate and engage with their staff, each run to their own set of values. Through employing great people with a strong set of shared values, they are able to produce quality products and services to their customers. In turn their employees benefit from the revenue that brings.

Whilst attending presentations from guest speakers and breakout sessions by companies well into their journey of employee ownership, it became clear that these businesses have one common theme running through them:  Their core values, strong ethics and morals have helped determine the direction of their business.  Some companies already had these values, others didn’t.

Carpenter Oak has been running with a strong set of values, ethics and morals for many years.  They are the ones that run through each employee’s veins, but are not displayed for all to see.  Carpenter Oak’s values make it unique, sets it apart from it’s competitors  and makes it strong.  They unite Carpenter Oak with their employees and customers.  Carpenter Oak share a belief in a greater good, that theirs is a fairer way of doing business, where everyone can share in the wealth that it brings.  Employees have a voice that informs the leaders of the business, they contribute to the way in which the wealth and profits of the company are distributed.  

Doors are open, opinions and feedback are seen as a gifts not challenges, ideas are accepted, nurtured and grown. People don’t feel threatened by other’s innovation, they are inspired to facilitate it.

All of the Employee Owned Businesses attending the conference stand true to their values, they do not falter or question them but immerse every decision they make in them.  From doing and having faith in what they believe is right and good, they prosper.  They do not look towards their competitors, they lead to a brighter and better future by sticking to their own values.