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OneOak project

Posted on: 10th March 2011

The OneOak project will follow the journey of a 222 year old oak tree from felling to its use in a wide range of products and in the process help educate children about the importance of our woodlands.

We are pleased to be supporting the OneOak Project set up by the Sylva Foundation. The foundation has a vision; ‘Britain’s Woodlands to be thriving ecologically  and economically for the benefit of everyone’.

The OneOak project aims to bring people closer to growing trees for wood, by following the full life story of one oak tree. The objective is  to increase understanding of sustainable forestry by working directly with school children and families, at local events and through local  and national media.

A mature oak tree that had grown in a plantation on the Blenheim Palace estate in Oxfordshire was chosen for the project. Its felling in January  2010 was witnessed by 250 children and 150 guests. The 222 year old Oak tree has become one of Britain’s most studied trees.

Now converted into planks of various sizes the tree has been distributed among a wide range of crafts people, from furniture makers to turners to framers. Carpenter Oak & Woodland have taken a plank that will be incorporated into an oak framed house being  built for one of our clients in Gloucestershire. It has a mono pitch roof sitting on a stunning site within 200 acres of woodland.

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