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News Release: Bright Future For Two Of The UK’s Oak-Framing Companies As They Join Forces

Posted on: 17th June 2015

The world of oak framing, which has enjoyed a significant resurgence in popularity since its regular appearance on Channel 4’s Grand Designs, is about to be transformed by a reunion of two of the leading players in the market who went their separate ways 15 years ago.

Carpenter Oak Ltd and Carpenter Oak & Woodland Co Ltd have decided to reunite in a move that will give a regional presence from Scotland to Cornwall and will bring together some of the most experienced and talented timber frame designers and makers in the country, creating a truly impressive team with a wide range of expertise.

The reunion will bring back together Charley Brentnall, Adam Milton and Paul Kirkup, who originally worked together in Wiltshire under Roderick James and Charley’s directorship of Carpenter Oak & Woodland. Roderick, Adam and Paul moved to South Devon to set up the Devon framing yard in 1995 leading to the parting of the two companies and the formation of Carpenter Oak Ltd in 2001, which quickly established a strong reputation in the self build market. Despite the split both companies always remained on good terms.

Both companies are delighted with the reunion, Adam Milton, Managing Director, Carpenter Oak says: “We can see a strong future together,” and goes on to say: “what I find most exciting is we are now able to combine both companies’ strengths and learn from each other to consolidate an extended range of services that will ultimately benefit all of our clients.”

Founder of Carpenter Oak & Woodland, Charley Brentnall says: “What’s refreshingabout getting back together with Adam and Paul is that the pioneering spirit that we all share is as strong as ever. This feels as excitingas it did when we started the original company 25 years ago before framing was popular. We all feel the same passion for creating beautiful structures, and we’re keen to continue championing the role of timber and craftsmanship within architecture and see where we can take it next.”

Despite having been apart for 15 years both companies have kept an exemplary track record for delivering stunning oak framed homes – having won them numerous awards in recognition. The reunion will see this track record go from strength to strength as new services and products will be offered to clients from complete new build oak homes, cabins, and conservatories to conservation of historic timber buildings and contemporary timber engineered structures.

To find out more about Carpenter Oak visit www.carpenteroak.com 

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