Posted on: 19th December 2016

A series of blogs on all things self build. Client’s stories, inspiring ideas and an insight into the ethos of Carpenter Oak.

Hi, I’m Natalie. I’ve found myself in the fortunate position of being responsible for Carpenter Oak’s blog. Over an informal chat with the team here, I highlighted to them my personal blog. It appears that they were suitably impressed and held enough confidence in me to give relatively free reign in the posts that I will share with you.

My partner, rock and father to my children, Don has been working as a senior carpenter with Carpenter Oak since 2002. The company and its directors have been a part of our life throughout this period, mentoring, supporting and listening to our opinions. Working for them is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle choice, it’s more than a 9-5, it’s a way of life. Relationships are carried past the boundaries of Carpenter Oak, those who are lucky enough to work here genuinely want to spend time together.

I intend to bring to you insights from Carpenter Oak, a behind the scenes view. Those who work for them have a multitude of talents and skills but are not necessarily good at ‘bigging’ themselves up, shining their lights or shouting from the rooftops. Humble to the bones, these are the good guys and girls contributing to the heart of the company. Stories are told, capabilities and expertise highlighted, I am here to promote that and hopefully help you.

I’ll be introducing you to this fabulous team, sharing some of their secrets and successes. Introducing their passions and exploring subjects close to their hearts. Some of my posts may challenge your opinions, others will inform, maybe even educate.

You may have a building project in mind or are just taking a walk on the worldwide web, either way there will be posts to interest and inspire you. They are, in some way shape or form, linked with Carpenter Oak, be it about their services, those that work here or an idea or subject that reflects their values, thinking and passions. The posts are personal to me, written from my own experiences, observations and research.

Of course, I am biased, but genuinely it is my hope that you will acquire some knowledge, be inspired and motivated by my thoughts and that they will in turn take you on your own journey. Maybe my window into Carpenter Oak will help you with your own build project, hopefully you will share that journey with us.