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My Flat Pack Home

Posted on: 10th March 2011

A bespoke designed oak framed thatched cottage would seem to be an unusual home to include in a programme called My Flat Pack Home but the key is in the method of construction.

There are many ways to build onto an oak frame and one of our clients in Oxfordshire has decided to use SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels) for the building envelope. Consequently they have attracted the attention of Home, a UK TV channel that produces a number of DIY and home programmes and will be including the project in their series My Flat Pack Home.

Presenter Amanda Lamb meets couples and families who have decided to design and build their own house. She’ll be accompanying the clients from start to finish – from designing the house, finding out how the home is built and then how it’s erected in situ. Once the structure has been ordered, built and delivered, Amanda explores how best to transform the shell into a personalised dream home.

Oak frames lend themselves to a panelised build up although a structural panel isn’t actually necessary because the frame provides the structure. However SIPS are convenient because the insulation is built into the panel in the factory.

A panelised system allows the building envelope to be prefabricated off site and be ready for installation as soon as the oak frame is complete. In this way the building can be made wind and weather tight very quickly and the fitting out trades can move in.

Another benefit of a panelised building envelope is the numerous finishes that can be applied to them. A whole range of timber cladding options can be used, rendering of various types including lime and even brick and stone slips which might sound rather pseudo but are in fact very effective. As a result a panelised build up on a structural oak frame can offer a very efficient, economical and more sustainable building solution.

Home is a UK TV channel, available on Sky 246 and Virgin 265, featuring interior design, home decorating, DIY and gardening programmes. We don’t yet know when the episode will  be aired but we’ll publicise it as soon as we do. Please visit Timber-frame portfolio / On Television / My Flat Pack Home on our website for the latest update.

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