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A woodland dream

Posted on: 5th May 2011

We love designs that are different so when our Gloucestershire clients approached us for a design that breaks with tradition we were very excited!

The project came about when our client was doing a full time diploma in ecology at the Royal Agricultural College and was interested in buying some woodland. She was walking in some lovely deciduous Gloucestershire woodland when she noticed some derelict buildings and old foundations, it turned out that there was a lapsed planning permission for building on the site.

After 2 years of negotiations with the owners they have secured a fantastic plot that sits in a 200 acre site with wonderful views down a wooded valley!

Their idea was to build a house on a curved floor plan on this plot with a single pitch sedum roof. Although the design is not what you would expect of a traditional frame, it will be manufactured using traditional carpentry methods.

Within the house the main living space is reversed with the lounge, dining and kitchen upstairs. This floor will sit at the height of the surrounding canopy woodland and will be fully glazed to maximise the views.

The design has been influenced by its woodland setting for example the bracing is in a branch like pattern stemming from the central posts in the frame. This provides structural stability as well as a lovely aesthetic feature which mirrors the woodland surrounds. We are also using a section of oak from the OneOak project which you can find out about here.

This project is very much on the drawing board still but we recently completed a similar project, The Old Vineyard. This too is based on a curved floor plan with reversed living space to fully benefit from the views at first floor level.

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