Seagull House - the iconic project

Seagull House - the iconic project
Devon on the Dart river
Roderick James Architects LLP
Frame Design: 
Carpenter Oak

Designed by Roderick James for himself and his family, this house is an excellent example of what can be achieved by extending, remodelling and 'hiding' the existing run-down 1950's concrete house. It includes an oak frame barn with arch-braced collar trusses, a painted Douglas Fir studio, and a bolted Douglas fir conservatory overlooking the river creek. Verandas, balconies and timber cladding complete the exterior. Down on the creek is an oak framed workshop and boathouse roofed with oak shingles.

  • Arch brace truss at Seagull barnroom extension
  • Exterior of main house
  • Exterior of main house with conservatory
  • Barnroom extensions
  • Barnroom porch
  • Douglas fir extension
  • Painted softwood studio extension
  • conservatory with walkway in Devon
  • Gallery with ladder
  • Boathouse on the Dart
  • Boathouse on the River Dart