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Full-scale trebuchet

Building the world’s largest siege machine at Warwick Castle

Client: Warwick Castle

Location: Warwick, England

Completed: 2023

Features: Weighs 22-tonnes, measures 18-metres tall, can launch an 18kg projectile approximately 200 metres, Warwick Castle’s design is the world’s largest working trebuchet.

Materials: Green oak, air-dried oak, ash, stainless steel


A trebuchet to replace the original one, built by Carpenter Oak in 2006

For over 15 years the trebuchet at Warwick Castle has been impressing audiences as part of a daily live show; launching 18kg projectiles up to 200 metres in distance. After many years of service it was time for the well-loved machine to be replaced, so Warwick Castle returned to Carpenter Oak to design, craft and erect the replacement.

The original was built by us in 2005, with the support of Dr Peter Vemming from The Mediaeval Centre in Denmark, using drawings from the 13th and 14th centuries, and it became the world’s largest working siege engine.

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