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South Downs Garden Annex

How our in-house architectural services helped this client through the planning process to build a lovely annex in the South Downs

Client: Alan Coad

Location: South Downs, UK

Completed: 2021

Architect: Ben Hancock (Carpenter Oak)

Main contractor: Aspect Builders

Engineering: Ballantine Arnold Ltd

Glazing: Topworks

Features: Traditional and classical frame with sustainable features

Replacing a disused barn with a beautiful and functional space

In 2019 Alan Coad, a Software Executive, bought a Roderick James Architects designed oak framed home that Carpenter Oak had built and raised the frame for in 2004. 

Being passionate about woodworking, Alan had an instant appreciation for the craftsmanship involved. Once he’d settled in his new home, Alan got in touch with us to add a pergola to the property, creating an outdoor dining space.

Within the home’s boundaries there was also an old barn, so when Alan started a project to replace it with a usable space, he came to us.

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