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Pontus Karlsson

Pontus Karlsson


Interview with Pontus Karlsson

When not in yard what do you enjoy doing:
When I’m not in the yard I like to spend time outdoors. I like to go camping and go for long walks with my partner. I also like to volunteer for different community projects and build cool things with natural materials.

I’m quite easy going when it comes to music and can enjoy most genres. But what I mostly tend to put on at home is progressive rock or reggae/Dub.

Best comedy film:
Black Cat White Cat

Enjoy about working at Carpenter Oak:
The best thing about working at Carpenter Oak is to have the opportunity to work with my favourite material, building my favourite things in one of my favourite places in the world.

Favourite place in the world:
The Arctic highlands around midsummer. Nothing beats the midnight sun, the amazing views and the fresh air up there! All the rest of the year I quite like spending in Devon. It’s pretty magical around here with so many beautiful places to explore!

I grew up in Sweden, in a town called Västerås. Went through IT-college and worked for a couple of years in the local robotics factory before going travelling in my early twenties. Found out about permaculture and natural building whilst in Asia and went WWOOF-ing. Met my partner in crime, Luciana, on a woofing farm in the north of Thailand and we have stuck together since. Ended up in Wales where I rediscovered my passion for wood that had been dormant for many years and started on the journey towards carpentry. Sought out volunteering opportunities and went on courses, spent a year living in Spain before ending up in Devon and getting a job building natural playgrounds. Went back to Sweden for a year to get a diploma in furniture design and as part of the course I had six weeks of work experience which I did at Carpenter Oak in Devon. I must have made a good impression because they offered me a job and now I’m back in Devon and loving every minute of it!

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