Posted on: 29th August 2022


How to design an open plan living space?

The design possibilities with timber are endless, and although many designs take a traditional approach, there are many options for modern designs with timber.

Contemporary styles generally use less wood, but it can still be the star of the show, depending on your taste. A modern look will mean cleaner, straighter lines, and skylights or bi-fold doors allow in light and seamless transitions to outdoor areas.

A combination of beautiful wood and glazing are essential to be able to frame any views you have from your open plan area. Modern open plan designs can use frames to zone interior spaces and using different textures and materials will create a distinct divide between the dining area, kitchen, and living space.

Here are some examples of open plan living areas with timber frames that will give you some inspiration for your project.

Bath Road

This new build, two storey oak framed home was built to replace an existing house. The clients wanted extensive open plan spaces as well as a courtyard and double garage included in the frame design.

This house was a finalist in the 2018 Build It Awards for Best Oak Frame Home and fully meets the client’s brief for a beautiful, modern, and stylish home.


Guernsey bungalow

As part of a refurbishment of a 1990s bungalow on Guernsey this client’s architects decided an oak frame was an essential element of this renovation, and the layout of the house was altered to incorporate the new frame.

An old UPVC conservatory was replaced with the oak framed extension to create an impressive open plan modern living area.


New build home in the country

This client was working with Fleming Homes to build a bespoke timber frame home and wanted a single-storey oak framed vaulted kitchen/living space as a focal point in their new house.

With a stunning finished kitchen and bi-fold doors that open out onto a sunny terrace this client has created an amazing open plan living area for their young family.


Designing a modern, minimalist look that incorporates a timber frame ensures it is still warm and homely — perfect for the family living area. Using a contrast of colours between honey oak, white walls and feature colours creates a stunning aesthetic that will stand the test of time. If you love the idea of a timber framed open plan living area get in touch with us to discuss your project.


Photo credits: Alex Lacey, George Fielding


Hopefully, that has opened up some creative thinking around how to design an open plan living space, if you have a vision that you are looking to realise then please feel free to get in touch with one of the team to discuss.