Posted on: 8th February 2023


We’ve had a very busy week loading up the full-scale replica trebuchet that we’ve been carefully crafting in our Devon workshop.

The trebuchet, built for Warwick Castle, was loaded on to lorries at our Devon yard and has been travelling up to the Castle (180 miles away). At the other end it will need to be transported to Warwick Castle’s island and fully assembled by our talented team of carpenters.

The full-scale replica is based on designs from the 13th and 14th centuries and replaces the trebuchet we built for Warwick Castle in 2005.

The trebuchet’s base, A-frame and wheels have been made from green oak, and the throwing arm from ash. Once installed it will be over 18 metres tall.

There will be lots of testing of the new trebuchet and once ready it will be part of a live spectacular show, in the spring, for visitors to enjoy.

Here’s a quick video of the lorry loaded up with the giant wheels: