Posted on: 23rd November 2022


We’re excited to announce that Carpenter Oak is now 51% employee owned.

For 35 years we’ve been designing and building thousands of projects, from garden studios and castle roofs to family homes and school auditoriums. There are few places in the UK where you won’t find a Carpenter Oak building.

Employee ownership allows us to protect that legacy as well build on it and look to the future, ensuring we stay committed to creating a diverse array of unique and interesting projects. We’re proud to be joining some of the most forward-thinking companies in the country, including John Lewis, Riverford Organics and Patagonia who are also employee owned.

Carpenter Oak employees own a trust which holds over half of the company’s shares and they will enjoy the benefits of employee ownership such as giving employees greater influence on business decisions, an equal share in the company’s commercial success, as well as protecting and conserving the legacy and values of the business.

As we head into the next 35 years we’re excited about everything this means for the company and the amazing people who work here.

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