Upside-down house on Cornwall's cliffs

Upside-down house on Cornwall's cliffs
A cliff in Cornwall
Roderick James Architects LLP
Frame Design: 
Carpenter Oak Ltd

A site to die for - a dramatic cliff-top location in Cornwall with spectacular ocean views!

A large upside down house built on multiple levels. Stone clad block work on ground floor with oak timber frame on first floor which is the main living area.

This design takes full advantage of this beautiful site with its far reaching views: upside down layout, two storey wall glazing, a glazed gable end and deep balconies.

  • Great views
  • Cladding, roofing and glazing
  • Exterior showing glazing & balcony
  • Balcony detail with hot tub under
  • Glazing detail
  • two storey entrance porch
  • Glazed gable on first floor
  • View from first floor balcony
  • Oak roof detail with queen post
  • First floor glazed gable to sea views
  • 2 storey entrace porch detail
  • Glazed corridor
  • Roof lighting
  • bird's eye view!
  • A frame with a view